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28 July 2005 @ 04:30 pm
I'll never understand it...how the journey led me here...  
Stepping out of the cab I looked around and wondered what the fuck I was doing here. Why am I going to do this shit when I know it’s all going to turn out and be one big beating with the shit stick?

Claire doesn’t want to see me, I made sure of that on open-mic night a few weeks ago. I was angry and just pissed off, so I vented. I know it all got back to her, it always does; after all she knows everyone here so I’m sure someone opened their big fat mouth.

Most likely Anita. Stupid cunt didn’t tell me Claire had come by that day until nearly a month later. That’s just fucked up, it makes me think of ‘what if’ and I hate doing that.

Taking a deep breath I fixed my shirt and looked down at my jeans, making sure I looked decent enough if I did see her even though I hoped she was too busy selling her art to see me. I just want to go in and then out, giving her silent – every silent – support for tonight.

The place looked great, they actually did a decent setup for once around here. I’m sure Claire made sure to be up their ass the entire time to make sure that her art was shown right. There wasn’t too many people, but thankfully – for Claire’s sake and my own – the place wasn’t empty.

It would be easy to hide in the clusters of snotty people as they silently ripped her work apart. After being there for only twenty minutes there were more then a hand full of women that I wanted to bash their heads in, do they not know talent in this down?

It wasn’t long before I had enough and was getting ready to slip out before I was noticed when I saw her standing by one of the walls, three people walking away from her and leaving her there alone. She ran her fingers through her hair and I could tell even from a few feet away that she wasn’t having a good night.

I couldn’t stop myself from walking over towards her. “You don’t suck…” I stopped a few feet from her, taking now the time to keep any of my usual added comments to myself – for the most part – for the moment. This wasn’t about me, at least not now. The fighting could and would come later.

She turned and looked at me, almost like she was seeing a ghost or something. I wasn’t able to read her reaction clearly. I continued to ramble, thinking it was for the best at the moment. “You know your work doesn’t suck, everyone else knows this too. If they say or think otherwise it’s for two reasons. One they are obviously deficient in some way and can’t see it or two they’re jealous.” A small smile twisted the corner of my lips. “Yeah, that’s it. You know what jealousy does to a person. They can’t believe that such a young kid could have such talent.” Rolling my eyes I leaned in a bit closer to her, smelling her shampoo. “Apparently talent comes with age…along with social security and BenGay.”

Yeah, I was still pissed off at her; I’m sure she is at me. But that doesn’t change the fact that her art is good, that’s all there is to it.

Not giving her time to react I turned on my heel and headed over towards one of the other displays on the other side of the gallery, I think it was all black and whites.

It was strange to be back here, even stranger to see Claire. I didn’t plan on it, then again I didn’t plan on any of this, especially us not being friends.
Claire Fisher: future is brightsomethingtragic on November 5th, 2005 09:22 pm (UTC)
I looked down at the piece of paper in my hand. God, she even had a new cell number now? Was it to avoid me from before? Okay, now I was just getting all kinds of paranoid and really? I still wanted to be mad at her for the way she treated me before but Edie was like....I didn't know what Edie was. She was something I just couldn't get out of my system. Kind of like Billy in that way I guess. God, what would Mom freak out more about? Me dating a former psychopath or me being a lesbian? I had no idea.

She said she was my girl and I blinked at that but before I could even respond to it she was talking about buying my painting before she snagged a glass of wine and headed for the door. I stared down at the number in my hand before slipping the piece of paper back into my purse.

"Who was that?" Billy's voice was in my ear as he snaked his arms around my waist.

"Umm.. Just a friend of mine from school." I said nonchalantly before turning around and smiling up at him.